Every February I geek out over Toy Fair. I know I shouldn’t, I’m almost 30, but Idon’t think I’ll ever get over it. The show was chock full of licensed”stuff” (nothing groundbreaking) for the upcoming Transformers,Spider-Man 3, Ratatouille, and Golden Compass films. The stand-out was the Spider-Man Deluxe Spinning WebBlaster from Hasbro. I never knew shooting black and white sillystring, uh… I mean “web fluid”, would be so engrossing. And then there was the Mr.Potato Head Spider Spud that came with enough parts to change him back toPeter Parker Potato. Sexy.

Here’s a quick smattering of other items that got myattention:

Fred! Not only is theartwork devilishly sinister, it reminds me of Willard. Based on a kid the designerknew in school (you know, the one who will do anything you ask him) — it’s anew take on Truth or Dare. So what yousay? Well, go ahead and “Snort apinch of pepper in one nostril and a pinch of salt in the other” and let meknow how you feel. All I know is theonly way people are getting into my house now is by doing one of the challengesin this game. My friends will probablyhate me, but I don’t care.

For the computer nerd inside me, I drooled over the World ofWarcraft PVC vinyl figures featuring Blood Elf Rogue, Orc Shaman, UndeadWarlock and Dwarf Warrior. They’ll beout this fall from DC Unlimited. Beat upyour friends to get one, I know I will.

Dolls from the upcoming Hairspray movie (from Play Along, adivision of JAKKS Pacific, Inc.) were intriguing because Edna Turnblad (John Travolta’s character) isfull-figured, as in, chunky. Mad propsto Play Along for not holding back on dear old Edna’s curves. The full-size love will be hitting stores in July.

The award for the most-disturbing item at Toy Fair2007 goes to Hasbro’s Baby Alive Wets N’ Wiggles. The male doll actually has um,”parts”, and when you change the diaper, well, you know, you get peedon. Amazing?! Creepy? Disturbing? I say all of the above. (It was hilarious though, I’ll give it that.)

Spider-Man 3
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