Who's dying next on ''Lost''? --Why Nikki and Paulo may be the next to go

By Jeff Jensen
Updated February 09, 2007 at 05:00 AM EST

Death Becomes Them?
In the peril-packed world of Lost, it’s never too early to start planning a funeral. Herewith, some odds on who’ll be the next one buried at Boone Hill.

Nikki and Paulo

Why They’ll Die
Think Ana Lucia. Now multiply by two. Nobody likes them.
Why They’ll Live
An extreme makeover is planned for the couple, who will be the flashback focus of episode 14 (March 28). ”You won’t feel the same way about them,” promises Cuse.
Death Odds: 3-1


Why He’ll Die
His health sucks, and his malevolence makes him enemy No. 1 among the castaways — and possibly even Juliet. (Imagine that murderous twist.)
Why He’ll Live
He’s an amazing addition to a show that struggles to add compelling characters.
Death Odds: 6-1


Why She’ll Die
It’d be shocking to off a single mom — and a Charlie-as-pissed-off-single-foster-dad story line could make for great drama.
Why She’ll Live
Shannon. Ana Lucia. Libby. Does Lost really want to kill another hot chick?
Death Odds: 10-1


Why He’ll Die
The secret of Locke’s legs is slated for episode 13 (March 21). How many more backstories could Baldy have left?
Why He’ll Live
Lost‘s reason-versus-faith themes rely too much on the tension between Jack and Locke.
Death Odds: 15-1


Why He’ll Die
Massive Internet rumors. Fox’s movie career. And this quote from the actor: ”There will be a lot more [death] to come, and it has to happen to surprising characters.”
Why He’ll Live
Hmmm, let’s see…he’s the freakin’ star of the show!
Death Odds: 20-1