By Mandi Bierly
February 09, 2007 at 11:44 PM EST

You are guilty but shame-free people, PopWatchers, and we love you for it. After the success of our first PopWatch Confessional — where you shared the sins you’ve committed in the name of entertainment— we’d like to see your softer side. Tell us, which TV moments have made you cry?

As always, I’m happy to start the healing: I still tear up anytime I speak of the following moment from the sixth season of Three’s Company. (You read that right. Three’s Company.) Janet quits her job at the flower shop because her male dance instructor makes her believe she has real talent. Jack (John Ritter, pictured), believes the mentor just wants to get in Janet’s tights. After the instructor proves Jack right, Janet is left alone in the dance studio. Jack enters. She tells him not to say “I told you so.” He says, he wasn’t going to — he was just going to ask her to dance.

Okay, I just got chills typing that.

Your turn.

addCredit(“John Ritter: Everett Collection”)