Here's EW's DIY guide to reinventing the Oscar gift bag

By Tim Stack
Updated February 09, 2007 at 05:00 AM EST

Forget about it being an honor just to be nominated. The real prize of the night used to be the lavish Oscar gift bag. Unfortunately, now that the IRS has deemed these goodies taxable, the bags have lost their luster. But that doesn’t mean fans at home can’t still have fun. Here’s EW’s DIY guide to reinventing the swag bag.

Rick James, Street Songs
Little Miss Sunshine got down with James’ ”Super Freak.” We won’t tell if you cue up track 5 and copy Olive’s funky moves.

Helen Mirren will most likely be Oscar royalty on the big night. But so can anyone (even sittin’ on a couch and eatin’ Doritos) in this faux tiara.

Happy Feet proved that everyone needs a little penguin in their lives. Why not start with this bath buddy?

Journal and Stars
Unleash your inner manipulator, à la Notes on a Scandal, with this diary and gold stars for the extra-juicy entries.

Fluorescent Bulb
A convenient truth: Al Gore and the environment will be happier if you use these electricity-saving bulbs.

Borat T-Shirt
Is niiice? Show your love for the Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan with this tee. Extensive body hair not included.

Anyone can become a Dreamgirl for one night only by hooking up this mini-karaoke machine and bedazzling an old bridesmaid’s dress.

The devil may wear Prada, but not all of us can afford those scary prices. We think Miranda Priestly would approve of these shades.

Martin Scorsese Boxed Set
Will this year be golden for Scorsese’s The Departed? Regardless, it’s worth catching up on all his award-worthy classics.