Were they worth the big advertising bucks or just time we'll never get back?

By Jeff Labrecque
Updated February 09, 2007 at 05:00 AM EST

Advertisers dropped roughly $86,000 per second for a spot during this year’s Super Bowl. It was either money well spent — or time we’ll never get back.


Bud Light (Ax-Wielding Hitchhiker)
In a clever nod to the horror-movie craze, a driver ignores his gal’s concerns and picks up a shifty-looking hitchhiker armed with a case of Bud Light and his own unique ”bottle opener.” B+

Sierra Mist (Beard Comb-Over)
Michael Ian Black fires a balding (but creative) Jim Gaffigan for his ”decision-making abilities.” Donald Trump be damned: Apparently you can be canned for dubious hair. A-

CareerBuilder.com (Promotion Pit)
Office drones are forced to go Lord of the Flies in the jungle to keep their jobs. As they fight to the death with makeshift weapons, we’re reminded why it pays to tip the delivery guy. A


Bud Light (What Would Carlos Do?)
A football-loving dude channels obnoxious comic Carlos Mencia’s insult techniques to scatter his girlfriend’s pals on game day. But whom do we channel to get rid of Mencia? D+

Snickers (Chocolate Kiss)
Two mechanics accidentally smooch while sharing a Snickers. They then rip out their chest hair to reaffirm their ”manliness.” Wisely, the company has since pulled this homophobic ad. D

Garmin Navigation (Maposaurus)
This capital-I ironic spot features an origami Godzilla threatening an Ultraman-ish hero, who smites him with a newfangled GPS system. Did we mention the ”ironic” heavy metal score? C-