Please please me and let this be the end to the nonsensical absence of songs from the Beatles catalog on iTunes. The decades-long legal battle between Apple Corps Ltd. (which is in charge of the Fab Four’s songs) and “we are going to take over the world with our hypnotic design” computer/iPod makers Apple Inc. appears to have come to an end.

For going on 30 years, Apple Corps has sued the computer maker several times for daring to have used the same logo, an apple (even though they were two obviously different fruits — the Beatles apple is Granny Smith-green, and the Apple apple used to be rainbow-colored and was missing a big bite). The exciting thing, if you paid attention to the pictures from the MacWorld/iPhone hubbub, was the possibility that we’ll be able to buy Beatles songs on iTunes (the band has long been the most notorious holdout in terms of offering their tunes for digital download).

For anyone who still goes to CD shops, most Beatles records are the rare ones that never go on sale, because retailers know that if someone loves the band and really wants to hear them, they’re dang well going to pay the full $18 price. Call me cheap (or broke), but I’m looking forward to getting Rubber Soul for a ten-spot. Are any of you PopWatchers excited about this, or have you already caved and bought all the Beatles songs you’re ever going to buy?