Want to own a shard of glass from James Dean's wrecked Spyder? Or an original, unused ticket to Woodstock? Or your very own reality TV show? Read on...

By Wook Kim
Updated February 02, 2007 at 05:00 AM EST
Credit: James Dean: Everett Collection

First up, and in the seller’s own words: a ”genuine glass chip from James Dean’s wrecked Spyder”. That’s right: You can own a tiny shard of glass — smaller than a penny — from the mangled wreckage of the Porsche 550 Spyder that James Dean was driving when he died in a head-on collision with another car on Sept. 30, 1955. The item’s provenance? Some handwritten documents — copies of which will be sent to the buyer — from previous owners. (Sale ends Feb. 5, starting bid is $225)

There’s probably a good story behind the next item, an unused ticket to a ”Music and Art Fair” that took place during the summer of 1969 on a dairy farm near — okay, 40 miles outside of — Woodstock, N.Y. What’s interesting is that the $8 ticket (now protectively sandwiched between two slabs of Lucite) was only good for Sunday, Aug. 17, the last scheduled day of the festival. Which — as any one of the nearly 10 million quinquagenarians who still shamelessly claim to have been there can tell you — actually spilled over to the following day. (Sale ends Feb. 4, starting bid is $49.99)

A seller from South Carolina has decided to part with a Nintendo NES console — as well as each and every one of the 670(!) NES games that Nintendo ever licensed. It’s a truly amazing collection — the videogame equivalent of all 35 known Vermeers suddenly coming up for sale. If you’re the kind of person who gets excited by titles like Bubble Bobble 2 or Flintstones Surprise at Dinosaur Peak or Zombie Nation and happens to have 20 large lying around… (Sale ends Feb. 7, current bid is $21,211)

For a mere $50,000, you can own the exclusive rights to a yet-to-be-produced music-themed TV reality show. The seller provides no other details but is willing to concede that this mystery show ”has the potential to be bigger than American Idol.” Just like I have the potential to have tiny hominids take flight as they emerge from my posterior. (Sale ends Feb. 4, Buy-It-Now price of $50,000)