Tracks from ''The Pursuit of Happyness,'' ''Curious George'' and others were left out in the cold

By Michael Endelman
Updated February 02, 2007 at 05:00 AM EST

The songs the Academy forgot

When the Academy devoted three out of the five Best Original Song Oscar nominations to tunes from Dreamgirls (the others were from Cars and An Inconvenient Truth), it neglected some of the most ear-catching movie tunes from ’06.

”You Know My Name”
The grunge-era belter delivers a musically suave, lyrically ominous rock tune that is perfect for Casino Royale‘s dark reboot of the spy franchise.

”A Father’s Way”
An uplifting flick deserves an uplifting song. The Brit balladeer’s contribution to The Pursuit of Happyness is a chest-swelling anthem that avoids lazy sentimentality.

”Upside Down”
Curious George may be a cartoon, but Johnson’s hippie-dippy boogie isn’t kid stuff. The sweet message and breezy tune could charm any family member.

”Til the End of Time”
Little Miss Sunshine‘s musical high point, ”Super Freak,” isn’t eligible, but this Gypsy-inflected folk song from the Colorado indie act is almost as good.