By Annie Barrett
Updated February 02, 2007 at 12:00 PM EST

Yes! Flashbacks episode! We’ve seen a few snippets of what Newport life was like pre-’03, but tonight’s (excluding the painful high school Kiki-Jimmy exchanges) rocked. Everyone was wondering how Sandy and Kirsten met, so that was genius. Summer Jr. and a new version of Seth Jr. were adorable, and I totally thought Taylor Jr. was Marissa until she revealed that she’d completed a school assignment. (I do wish Marissa’d been there, too, just to say something annoying.) And Kirsten Jr. had an abortion, which we sort of knew because in season 1 she went all “get an abortion” on Theresa. I’m glad they finally addressed that. No Caleb Jr., unfortunately, but we’ll always have this.

Even though the adults’ younger versions were different actors, the fab four did manage to glam it up ’80s-style to pose for an awesome New Parents! photograph (pictured), which we’ve probably seen before but I don’t remember. It’s just too hard! Jimmy’s ‘stache! Julie’s bangles! (Is that Julie?) This also marks the last time Seth and Marissa spent time together before sophomore year. Aw, look at how Sandy’s gazing down at his progeny. The PowerBrows command so much eye-area attention that he doesn’t even have to look at the camera. He does that a lot, come to think of it. Work it PG!

So, Valentine’s Day, two weeks early. Okay. Still creeped out by Frank, so even though the ep was titled “The Case of the Franks,” I’m going to imagine that it refers only to the corn dogs and the premise that Julie went home and ate an entire case of frank(furter)s after realizing she’s actually not in love with this douche. The only part I liked about their interactions—even though it didn’t totally make sense—was when Frank justified his love for Julie by telling Ryan “We’re just from the same world.” It was a subtle but direct reference to one of the first things Marissa sighed dismissively to Ryan after he moved to Newport: “We’re just from different worlds.” Isn’t it ironic? Not really. Frank sucks.

Also in Romance, a mall-kiosk psychic (I loved when Seth called herout for not charging for services, because we were all wondering) toldSummer she’d ultimately leave Seth for “George,” which turned out to bean activist group called G.E.O.R.G.E., who just had to have Summerafter visiting her new website about sea otters, which gets 8,000 hitsa day. ALL OF THIS IS BELEIVABLE! Ha. I did like how Summer decidedthat maybe Seth isn’t her “only destiny,” and his surprisingly maturereaction. The kids are growing up.

This entry never ends. If I refuse to end it, will the show go on?And in the spirit of self-reflection, that whole Zach era? “Who were wekidding”?