How the pair came up with their Internet video gift that keeps on giving


In December 2005, Saturday Night Live player Andy Samberg created an Internet phenomenon with his Narnia-and-cupcakes short film, Lazy Sunday. A year later, he repeated the SNL trick by putting Justin Timberlake‘s you-know-what in a box. Here, Samberg and Timberlake reveal how they did it.

SAMBERG ”We wanted to do an early-’90s R&B song. I think it was Jorma [Taccone, one of Samberg’s writing partners] who said, ‘What about giving a gift where you take off the top and your d— is through a hole?’ I came up with an idea of the melody. Once we started recording, Justin took the reins and schooled us and made it a much better song. The dude is a hitmaker; that’s what he does. Color Me Badd has been brought up more [as an inspiration] because we’re white. But we were drawing a lot on Jodeci and R. Kelly.”

TIMBERLAKE ”I remember Andy on set saying, ‘No, we need bigger boxes.’ [Laughs] Actually, we had trouble shooting it; there were so many takes where we cracked up. I knew it would be well received on the show, but I never expected it to be this phenomenon. I kept saying to Andy that this was going to be bigger than Lazy Sunday. He was like, ‘Well, don’t jinx it.”’

SAMBERGLazy Sunday was watched over 5 million times [before NBC pulled it from YouTube]. This one was able to take off even more because NBC posted it themselves on YouTube.” (The ”D— in a Box” clip is currently nearing the 12.6 million-view mark.)

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