Credit: Holiday: Zade Rosenthal

It’s nice to see Reuters covering the most important issues: According to the wire service, a psychological study shows that men like romantic movies almost as much as women do. The prof running the survey says studio execs should stop referring to some films as “chick flicks” and that usually, men and women make the decision together to see a romantic film. What? Is that like when the girl says “We’re gonna go see this” and the guy says “Fine”? Because I’m pretty sure the guy isn’t saying, “Yes, I too would very much like to see Jack Black as a romantic lead. Let’s definitely go see The Holiday [pictured, with Kate Winslet and Black]. And after that, if you don’t mind, I’d love to talk about my feelings over hot cocoa. Scatter the votives!”

Just kidding—I’ve actually witnessed many instances of men liking romantic movies. One of said men was watery-eyed for three whole minutes after we saw Love Actually in the theater. True story. Or not. Maybe I was lying. Maybe some of the guys in that survey lied, too. So tell us, guys—did they? Or are the sexes more alike in their movie tastes than we ever imagined? And if so, won’t it be kind of a drag to ditch so many of our favorite outdated stereotypes?

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