''The Dark Tower'' gets a graphic adaptation -- Stephen King's fantasy-western becomes a comic book

By Gilbert Cruz
Updated February 02, 2007 at 05:00 AM EST

”The Dark Tower” gets a graphic adaptation

Look out, Spider-Man, here comes the Gunslinger. As if Stephen King didn’t have enough fans, the EW columnist is tapping the comic-book market with The Dark Tower, a graphic adaptation of his epic fantasy-Western. The seven-issue series, drawn by Jae Lee and co-written by Peter David and Robin Furth, focuses on the backstory of Roland Deschain, the protagonist of King’s seven novels. ”If we were dealing with superheroes here, we’d call it an origin story,” says King, whose scenes of Deschain as a teen in book No. 4, Wizard and Glass, form the basis for the comics.

King likens the comic to more mature graphic novels such as A History of Violence: ”There are some that are an interesting hybrid between the superhero comics and the novels that I read as an adult.” And while many would like to see The Dark Tower on the big screen, King is wary. To a degree. ”If Peter Jackson came along and said, ‘I made up with New Line and they want to spend billions of dollars on this,’ I’d say sure, knock yourself out.” In other words, fans, don’t look for that movie anytime soon.