By Joshua Rich
Updated January 31, 2007 at 05:55 AM EST

Hey check this out, cops and robbers fans—some wicked exciting news coming from the world of blood-soaked Best Picture nominees: The Los Angeles Times quotes sources today, saying that a sequel to my favorite film of 2006, The Departed, is in the works. Yay!

But, you say, doesn’t Martin Scorsese’s Best Picture Oscar nominee end with pretty much every major character having his head blown off or splattered on Leo’s shoes or something else grossly gruesome? How, pray tell, can they keep the crime saga going? Good question. Especially since, the Times reports, screenwriter William Monahan won’t be going the same route that the folks back in Hong Kong did, when they followed Infernal Affairs (the movie on which The Departed is based) with a prequel and another semi-prequel.

So what would you do? Where would you take this deep, dark story of coppers and crooks next? And which character or actor would you most like to see return? I say, if they do anything more with the marvelously spastic and sweaty Alec “Patriot Act!” Baldwin, I’ll be there.