By Joshua Rich
January 31, 2007 at 04:00 PM EST

As you may have heard by now, there’s this big game on Sunday involving the Bears of Chicago and the Colts of Indianapolis. And, as you also may have heard by now, there’ll be lots of commercials airing between all of Peyton Manning’s interceptions. Whole thing rings a bell, right? Well, the latest Hollywood-related news on the Super Bowl XLI front is that, as of late last night, only two movies—the inner-city drama Pride and and the comedy Wild Hogs—have bought ad time on the CBS telecast. (This year’s cost of a 30-second spot: a cool $2.6 meeeelion.)

This revelation leaves some in “the business” scratching their heads: Why pass up an opportunity to introduce a film to the year’s biggest audience, they wonder, just as Talladega Nights did with great success in 2006? But, as Variety reports, others embrace caution, arguing that studios should be careful not to expose their upcoming movies to too much advance analysis and possible ridicule (see: The Hulk). I tend to agree. As much as I dread the withering of the beautiful football-and-film friendship that brought us last year’s supercool V for Vendetta spot, maybe this is a good thing. After all, we complain so much about out-of-control movie-marketing budgets, perhaps we should commend Hollywood for tightening its purse strings a bit. And, besides, who wants to see movie trailers while watching the Super Bowl? We can see those any time. The Super Bowl is an occasion for landmark Apple ads (hello Hollywood director Ridley Scott!) or even the latest Budweiser extravaganza. Aren’t those what we’re really looking out for?

So, anyway, yeah, what are you getting excited to see during this year’s show? (Anything with the words “Kevin” or “Federline” in it, by the way, doesn’t count.)