By Lindsay Soll
Updated January 31, 2007 at 09:49 PM EST

“My team started playing a game with the girl that created the game. I just got a big wake up call, so at this point, game’s on.” And with that being said by the ever-so-dramatic Veronica (pictured), so begins another season of the infamous Road Rules franchise that MTV first made famous back in 1995.

There hasn’t actually been a new season of the show since 2004 (which was Road Rules: X-Treme), so it’s about time they brought it back. Only after watching the premiere episode, I can’t decide if I even like this new interactive format. It’s cool that the shows being filmed in real time, which means Internet rumors won’t be able to surface weeks ahead of time about who wins. But what I’m not liking is this whole American Idol wannabe voting system where it’s up to us viewers at home to decide the fate of the Road Rulers and the new group of fresh meat, the Pit Crew. (Not to mention, there’s no way I can ever vote because seriously takes forever to load on my computer, and right when it’s about to, my browser inevitably quits. So annoying!)

I like that MTV brought back cast members from old seasons—okay,well, except for Kina, who just annoys the heck out of me because she’smilked her 15 minutes of fame way too long (she’s been on her own RRseason + three challenges thus far)—but did they really need to bringon an annoying host and name him the “Roadmaster?” Lame! Bring backT.J. Lavin! Also, since the RV’s basically going to have a revolvingdoor of new people coming in depending on who wins in the pit, how isthat going to give the cast members any time to get drunk together andhook up? After all, that’s about the only reason I’m still watchingthis show.

It’ll be interesting to see how this all pans out. If I would’vebeen able to vote, like I had planned, I definitely would’ve voted forVeronica. How mature was that when she flicked off her teammates?

Who did you guys vote for? Do you think you will keep tuning in thisseason or will the “viewers decide” thing wear out its welcome? Is RR more or less exciting than The Real World?