By Amy Ryan
Updated January 29, 2007 at 12:00 PM EST

So what do Counting Crows,the Grateful Dead,the Rolling Stones,Talking Heads, andRobbie Williams have in common? They all have recorded songs mentioning someone named Jones in the title. (Your quizmasters were inspired by this week’s release of Not Too Late, the new CD from Norah Jones, pictured.) The Crows and Heads both have songs called “Mr. Jones.” The Dead, of course, sang “Casey Jones.” Williams recorded the Rodgers & Hart chestnut “Have You Met Miss Jones,” appropriately enough, on the soundtrack to Bridget Jones’s Diary. And the Stones penned the forgotten ditty “Miss Amanda Jones.” (Extra credit to those of you who pointed out that the Stones have had two musicians named Jones in their lineup: original guitarist Brian and current bassist Darryl.)

Some funny wrong answers: “I know for a fact that all of these artists hate Stanley Tucci,” wrote reader Vanessa Bumpus. (Really? How do you know?) “All of the aforementioned bands have sold their soul and their artistic integrity to the good people at Coca-Cola,” wrote Kelly Abbott. “My personal favorite being the Counting Crows commercial where Adam and the boys walk barefoot on the beach (since nothing reminds one of a good time at the beach like a bunch of aging white boys from Berkeley). Oh well… at least it wasn’t for Pepsi.” Ouch!

Some of you pointed out other “Jones” singers we could have mentioned, including the Clash (“Janie Jones”), the Pixies (“Crackity Jones”), and—this one would have been a dead giveaway—Billy Paul (“Me and Mrs. Jones”). We also considered Cheech & Chong for “Basketball Jones,” itself a parody of “Love Jones” by Brighter Side of Darkness. Then there’s the ultimate Jones song, Bob Dylan’s “Ballad of a Thin Man,” a tune that’s, unfortunately, disqualified by its Jones-free title.

Jonesin’ for the names of this week’s winners? They’re after the jump.

David Jones (“Yes, that’s my real name.”)
Patrick Kelly
Christopher Lastrapes
Harold Reynolds
Janna Smith
Don Willsey
Patrick A. Yearout

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