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By EW Staff
Updated January 26, 2007 at 05:00 AM EST

Feedback from our readers

‘Grey’s’ Matter
Choosing the cast of Grey’s Anatomy as Entertainers of the Year was a good move, in the tradition of picking the casts of Friends or SNL in the past. You did a great job of highlighting why they made a difference this year. But I wonder why the show didn’t get a mention in your Best of TV section?
Juan Art. Herrera
New York City

Winning Streep
Thanks for a great year-end issue. Particular thanks to Meryl Streep for showing everyone what 57 really looks like: radiantly beautiful.
Michallene McDaniel
Winder, Ga.

DiCaprio Dissed
I was perturbed to see Leonardo DiCaprio absent from both the Entertainers of the Year and Great Performances categories, considering he gave two of the best, in Blood Diamond and The Departed. Really, the Mac spokesmen gave a better performance?
Danielle Schultz
West Bend, Wis.

‘Battlestar’ Turn
You frakkin’ nailed it when you singled out Battlestar Galactica‘s James Callis for one of 2006’s great performances. Watching his Dr. Gaius Baltar navigate dead-end predicaments every week is a pleasure.
Joe Glass

On the Bond Wagon
A+ to Owen Gleiberman for picking Casino Royale as top movie of 2006 (The Best and Worst Movies)! I was born during the height of Connery Bondmania and saw Goldfinger as a toddler. As I grew older, I felt guilty about loving the series, especially as it degenerated into cartoon action and silliness. Casino Royale restored my faith in what Owen called ”the very soul of movie escapism.” It’s not about the gadgets or the women. It’s about great storytelling.
Kirk Kicklighter
Carrboro, N.C.


Look, down in the sea! It’s a fish! It’s a snake! No, it’s the ”Number One Aquaman Fan in the World”! Or, as he’s known to those who walk on land, Rob Kelly of Marlton, N.J. So why does Rob think he’s an OFOTW? Well, he runs a blog called ”The Aquaman Shrine” ( And besides, he asks, who else but an OFOTW would ”allow himself to be photographed like this”? Ummm…no one?