By Abby West
Updated January 26, 2007 at 12:00 PM EST

Ever see that Jimmy Kimmel bit where they bleep out innocuous words from video footage and make it all seem much dirtier than it was originally? Well, maybe it wasn’t quite like that for some Delta Airlines passengers who were treated to an edited version of The Queen that had every occurrence of the word “God” deleted from it, but it was noticeable. It turns out that someone at the company that distributes the movie to Delta and other airlines got a little carried away while editing it for foul language and blasphemy.

“It was simply an error,” Jeff Klein, president of Jaguar Distribution Corp., tells PopWatch. “It wasn’t any kind of sociological or cultural comment.” As soon as Jaguar was told about it, the company offered to replace the movie. New copies will be available Feb. 1. The movie was shown on overhead, as well as in-seat screens, since the beginning of the month, says a Delta rep.

Miramax, which doesn’t control the movie’s airline rights, had no comment on the situation, but you know what they say. Any press is good press, especially when you’ve got a movie in Oscar contention.

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