By Joshua Rich
Updated January 24, 2007 at 12:00 PM EST
Credit: Pierce Brosnan: Gary Gershoff/

Forget about James Bond, people — it’s been almost eight long years since Pierce Brosnan was last shoehorned into the tailored suit of that other dapper gent: Thomas Crown. And while there’s been chatter for ages and ages about a sequel to that 1999 remake, nothing’s emerged.

So I was glad when the 53-year-old star told me that The Thomas Crown Affair 2 (sometimes referred to as The Topkapi Affair) is still moving forward and getting closer to reality. We met last week in L.A., where he was doing press for his latest movie, the Western Seraphim Falls. (A full Q&A with Brosnan, in which he discusses this film and, of course, life after 007, will run on tomorrow.) Here’s what he told me about TTCA2, which he’s producing and which, apparently, will not reunite him with costar Rene Russo: “Thomas Crown 2, for all intents and purposes, will happen. The script came in two days ago and it’s good. We’ve announced it, we’ve said to the world that we’re going to do it — come hell or high water, we’re going to do it. The bar is high on this one, the expectation is high on it.”

He has reason to be cautious, since in the two-plus years following the revocation of his 007 license to kill, Brosnan has starred in a number of relatively inexpensive indies like The Matador and the upcoming thriller Butterfly on a Wheel. But TTCA2, he notes, is “jumping back into the big budget world.” What’s more, the actor seems to have an extra-personal stake in the matter, since he recently asserted that The Thomas Crown Affair is his favorite of his own movies. Yep, even more than the Bonds. I can’t really disagree with that — anybody else?

UPDATE: The full interview is here.

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