By Annie Barrett
January 19, 2007 at 12:00 PM EST

Last fall, when Donald Faison told EW that this very special episode would be “a spinoff of every musical that’s ever been made,” I’d assumed it would turn out to be really jam-packed and frenetic. No! Last night’s show was really frickin’ sweet, thanks to guest star Stephanie D’Abruzzo (pictured, on gurney, as a patient whose aneurysm makes her think everyone around her is singing) and composers Robert Lopez and Jeff Marx, who worked on the songs — all Avenue Q alums.

You can check out “Guy Love,” J.D. and Turk’s ode to their unshakable bond, on YouTube, or download the whole ep from iTunes like I did. I think it’s worth it, because I couldn’t stop grinning like a fool the whole time, and you always wanna keep stuff around (besides Michel Gondry doing a Rubik’s Cube with his feet) that’ll make you do that. For me, the best part of the Scrubs musical is that it could have fit in anywhere in the series — so if you’re not up on the current season, no matter. The songs dealt with some of the best familiar themes — guy love, stool samples, Dr. Cox and Janitor’s intolerance of J.D., etc. My fave was Carla belting it out to Turk: “For the last time, I’m Dominican!” Ha! Judy Reyes rocks.

I say the Wizard of Oz-inspired one (“My Way Home”) still reigns, but this came close. You?addCredit(“Scrubs: Chris Haston”)