By EW Staff
January 19, 2007 at 12:00 PM EST

Mega-producer Timbaland is definitely feelin’ the love these days (well, maybe not from these dudes). Continuing on his quest to work with virtually every singer on the planet, Timbaland has reportedly teamed up with Björk to record some tracks for her upcoming album. Well boys and girls, I think we may be in for a real treat. Björk is always pushing the envelope and experimenting with new places to take her already eclectic and wide-ranging sound. Plus she’s already collaborated with stellar producers over the years and her trip-hop leanings have been apparent on records past.

However, I hope hooking up with Timba doesn’t coincide with yet another image overhaul that so many artists have taken to lately. Is Björk a ”Promiscuous Girl” about to turn it ”Loose?” (Sorry, but I couldn’t resist.) I doubt it, but you never know. Are you excited to hear what comes from this quirky pair’s field trip to the studio?