Eddie Murphy's influences -- A look at the people who inspired the comedian


Eddie’s Gods

Richard Pryor
Pryor’s taboo-smashing stand-up inspired Murphy, who recently said, ”When I saw Richard, I realized what I was.”

Elvis Presley
Murphy not only did perfect impressions of the King but, in many ways, used him as his model for what a star could be.

Bill Cosby
Murphy emulated Cosby’s storytelling approach in his act, but bristled when the comic criticized him for using too much profanity.

Eddie’s Disciples

Chris Rock
Rock followed Murphy’s trail from Saturday Night Live to Hollywood. The two plan to costar in an upcoming heist comedy.

Martin Lawrence
When Lawrence plays multiple roles in films like Big Momma’s House, he’s borrowing straight from Murphy’s playbook.

Dave Chappelle
Chappelle, who shares Murphy’s blend of easygoing charm and biting wit, had a breakout role in The Nutty Professor.