The biggest upcoming projects in entertainment

By Adam B. Vary
January 19, 2007 at 05:00 AM EST

+ The story of poisoned ex-KGB agent Alexander ”Sasha” Litvinenko unfolded like a movie, so naturally, two films have emerged about his life. First, Johnny Depp’s production company optioned Sasha’s Story, penned by a New York Times writer; then director Michael Mann (Miami Vice) snapped up rights with producers Douglas Wick and Lucy Fisher (Jarhead) to a book co-written by Litvinenko’s widow. Is there room for both films? ”Certainly,” says Wick. ”It’s an extraordinary piece of modern history.”

+ Charlie’s Angel Jaclyn Smith will host Bravo’s Shear Genius, a spring series that hopes to do for hair what Project Runway has done for clothes. ”You’re going to hear about the technical aspects of what makes [hair] work and what doesn’t — from straightening to hair shows, ” explains the well-coiffed Smith, who’ll judge alongside celeb stylist Sally Hershberger. Playing the part of Tim Gunn: René Fris, costar of the Danish Queer Eye.