By Michelle Kung
January 18, 2007 at 11:29 PM EST
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So much TV, so little time, and most importantly, not enough space on my faux-TiVo. (Thank goodness the networks have started streaming their shows the next day on their websites.) Seeing as a “wintery mix of snow and rain” is predicted for Manhattan this evening, here’s my plan for staying warm and entertained for the evening.

8 p.m.
How cute and adorable was America Ferrera at the Golden Globes? I’ve been a fan of hers since Real Women Have Curves, and I fully admit to bawling my eyes out during her climactic scene in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. She’s the frumpy heart of ABC’s Ugly Betty, and the main reason for tuning in tonight — plus, the masked woman is finally unswathed! Over at NBC, however, Dwight is still out, and Oscar is (back) in at The Office — which is sure to sure to result in some typically painful/glorious moments that you’ll watch to savor.

Watch: Ugly Betty
Stream: The Office
Record: The O’Reilly Factor on Fox News (with guest Stephen Colbert; see below)

9 p.m.
Was there a more sappy and “aw”-worthy TV moment last week than Alex telling Addison he screwed up McSteamy’s latte because he was rude to her? I think not. (Trust me on this — my roommate made me rewind and watch the scene over and over four times). This week, Grey‘s upteenth romantic triangle gets a new twist when we find out about… an aborted baby? I can’t wait. But hold on, ABC, the other networks aren’t going down without a fight. In the tradition of Buffy and The Simpsons, NBC’s Scrubs is offering its own all-music-all-the-time episode, as Avenue Q‘s Stephanie D’Abruzzo checks into Sacred Heart. And over at CBS, Liev Schreiber (pictured, with Marg Helgenberger) joins the cast of CSI as Michael Keppler, a seasoned agent temporarily taking the place of Grissom as William Petersen takes some time off for a teaching sabbatical.

Watch: Grey’s Anatomy
Record: Scrubs
Stream online: CSI

And of course:

11:30 p.m.
Bill “Papa Bear” O’Reilly takes on the Colbert Nation as he and Stephen Colbert swap guest appearances for the evening. Can he handle the truthiness? Who knows — but whatever happens, tonight’s Colbert Report (Comedy Central) will definitely be one to remember.

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