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Updated January 18, 2007 at 06:52 AM EST
Butterfly: The Kobal Collection

So, what do Desi Arnaz Jr.,Joseph Bottoms,Marilyn Hassett,Irene Miracle, andPia Zadora have in common? As almost everyone who answered the question guessed, they all won the Golden Globes’ now-defunct prize for the year’s most promising newcomer in movies. Lucy and Desi’s son won for 1971’s Red Sky at Morning. Bottoms won for 1974’s The Dove, Hassett for 1975’s The Other Side of the Mountain, Miracle for 1978’s Midnight Express, and most notoriously, Zadora for 1981’s Butterfly (pictured). Zadora was the giveaway for most of you, since her victory led to widespread accusations of payola (her husband, Las Vegas casino owner Meshulam Riklis, had wined and dined many of the voters). No wonder the award was discontinued shortly thereafter. The truly trivia-minded among you knew that Butterfly wasn’t even Zadora’s film debut; rather, she first starred nearly two decades earlier as a green-skinned alien child in the thoroughly forgettable Santa Claus Conquers the Martians (1964).

As many of you noted, none of these folks really lived up to their supposed promise. (Yes, a few of you will argue for Zadora’s singing career; “Her duet with Jermaine Jackson, ‘When The Rain Begins To Fall,’ is one of my all time favorite songs,” writes John Odalen. Uh, okay.) Which is galling, since they all beat actors who’ve had actual, you know, longevity. (Reader Todd LaPlace has done the math: Arnaz beat Shaft‘s Richard Roundtree; Bottoms beat Sam Waterston; Hassett beat Stockard Channing and Lily Tomlin; Miracle beat Mary Steenburgen and Annie Potts; and Zadora beat Elizabeth McGovern and Kathleen Turner.) PopWatcher Charles Neal wishes they were still giving out the award so that Jennifer Hudson could have won it this year, but fellow reader Daphne Perkins fears they might also have given the trophy to the likes of Paris Hilton for House of Wax or Kevin Federline for his CSI guest spot.

The names of the statuette-worthy readers who guessed correctly are listed after the jump.

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