By Whitney Pastorek
Updated January 17, 2007 at 12:00 PM EST

Wow, that didn’t take long. After I posted my dismay at what I perceived to be a personal insult during last week’s SNL, a spokesperson for the show heard your rage and commented thusly:

“It was not personal, just comedy… and it was Kuntsler, with a K.”

Do you hear that, PopWatchers? You are a group to be reckoned with! Sure, we’re no Colbert Nation (or even Claymates, for that matter), but your voices have affected powerful change, and all is once again right with the world! Now we can all watch the show this weekend with open hearts and minds, which is very exciting, because really, AFI is a totally kick-ass band — and if they’re half as good as the Shins were last week (Can you believe they played “New Slang”?? Oh, the joy!!), we’re in for a treat.

Thank you, SNL, for the comedy… and for the apology. We’re good.

And for everyone else there who wants to take on the strength of the PopWatch army: Let this serve as a warning to you. Don’t make us put your head on a spike outside the castle of our souls. We won’t hesitate, and we strike with deadly force! Like ninjas with ponies!

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