Quotes roundup: All seven virtues were represented on the red carpet at the Golden Globes and annual BAFTA Tea Party

By Mike Bruno
Updated January 17, 2007 at 05:00 AM EST
BJ Novak: David Longendyke/Globe Photos

Big names from both sides of the pond gathered in Los Angeles last weekend for the BAFTA/L.A. Awards Season Tea Party in Beverly Hills on Jan. 14, and the Golden Globes on Jan. 15. Once we exhaled a bit and sorted through the reams of star-studded quotes we accumulated over the weekend, we noticed how the people who grace the red carpet at these Hollywood events are a more virtuous and upstanding bunch than most people give them credit for. Here’s a quick roundup of our favorite quotes and the virtues they represented.

Alejandro González Iñárritu (Babel):
”I am working through this time. My mind never stops working and I am developing my next project right now. I think that keeps me a little more sane. But when you get nominated for awards, it takes away a lot of your time. You have to do interviews and go to all these events and premieres and it means your family sees a lot less of you than you would like. That can be hard, but it’s similar to how much you see them when you are filming.”

Danny Huston (Children of Men):
”[My all-time favorite scene] was in a small film I did called Ivansxtc. It was made without any sort of ambition or money. The director is a dear friend of mine…. I really like working on small budget labor of love projects. There is no artifice. It is what moviemaking is supposed to be.”

BJ Novak (The Office):
”This is about Brad Pitt. This is not about BJ Novak from The Office. I’m very aware of that. I’ll be lucky if the girl who took a disposable camera picture of me from the bleachers actually develops that picture.”

Ana Ortiz (Ugly Betty):
”It’s an incredible experience. It’s a show I couldn’t love more. It’s just an incredible thing. We’re the little show that could. We knew how much we loved each other, we knew we loved the show. We are really close. ABC took a chance on us, and America followed suit.”

Forest Whitaker (The Last King of Scotland):
”I have been going from one critic award to another and I guess those do build towards something in terms of me…. Even though I have established myself and have a great career, it can’t help but help me get that next role. This is a business as well as an art. I’m sure the studios look at people’s public profile and awareness about them when casting and financing their films. They are trying to sell a product. For me personally, I don’t think any change has happened yet. I am just doing what I have been doing. I guess we will find out if all this talk is true if I get offered a whole bunch of good parts in the coming months.”

Kate Winslet (Little Children):
”I guess you eat a little less to fit into the dresses and sacrifice some time with the kids if you are nominated because there are so many events to go to and publicity to do, but it is worth it if I can encourage five more people to go see Little Children.”

Okay, our luck ran out when we searched for ”chaste” quotes. On the flipside, however….

Chiwetel Ejiofor (Kinky Boots)
”No one is really looking at me for style tips or to see what I did with my hair. Really, they will all be looking at Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, which allows me to slip away and enjoy free booze. Of course, I have never done this before so I could just be talking out of my ass.”

BJ Novak
”Last year was the turning point for us. We weren’t even invited, we were just jumping for joy at the after-party. We couldn’t believe there was an open bar. At that point in our career an open bar was as good as a nomination. But this year, to actually get to be inside with the open bar….”

Alejandro González Iñárritu
”I would be too jealous if [my daughter] was in front of the camera. If she had a kissing scene, I might kill somebody.”