January 17, 2007 at 12:00 PM EST

It’s hard to tell who to side with here, so let’s just lay out all the facts for starters.

The New York Post‘s gossipmongers reported today that “producers of the Golden Globes telecast were less than pleased Monday night with Maria Menounos’ interviews with winners as they walked offstage.” The Page Six story goes on to quote “a backstage tipster” saying that one producer blurted “she’s just terrible” while observing the NBC journalist at work. And then there were the typical denials from GG brass and Menounos’ camp.

Now, whether it’s true or not, the story isn’t a surprise. No part of the consistently cringe-worthy GG show (think: Tom Hanks, Warren Beatty, Azamat’s manhood) was more cringe-inducing than Menounos’ chats with winners like Kyra Sedgwick and, especially, America Ferrera (pictured, left, with Menounos). While interviewing celebs at a moment when they’re most scatterbrained is no enviable task, and while I don’t think she can be blamed for the bizarre moment when she appeared to ignore Ferrera as the winner walked off the stage (that seemed like a producing miscommunication), Menounos is on the hook for a few things. She seemed a bit uneasy asking the questions, she didn’t ask questions that elicited very interesting answers, and she didn’t add anything of entertainment or informational value to the whole affair. It was, to put it nicely, a big old energy suck.

So what should the producers do next year? Return to having Dick Clark (himself, a producer of the show) ask the questions? Tap somebody else in the NBC family to hold the mike? (Uh, Roker?) Scrap the whole awkward post-win interrogation altogether? PopWatchers, the future of Hollywood’s biggest party depends on you.

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