By Joshua Rich
Updated January 16, 2007 at 12:00 PM EST
Credit: The Amazing Race: Robert Voets

Who hasn’t been drooling in anticipation ever since CBS announced that the next Amazing Race (starting Feb. 18) will be an all-star edition? For sure, the thought of watching old Team Guido get into a Travelocity Gnome tug-of-war with Charla and Mirna has kept us up nights.

Well, today the network announced the 11 teams that will be back to argue with cabdrivers and nosh on animal rectums worldwide. The group is led—no surprise—by professional reality show contestants/newlyweds Rob Mariano and Amber (née Brkich) Mariano, who came in second in Season 7). This means, of course, that Boston Rob and Ambuh will each be appearing on their fourth reality-contest season and second all-stars competition, after their fateful union on Survivor: All-Stars a few years back. Which has gotta be some sort of record. Somewhere. In some very dark and sad corner of our collective pop cultural soul. Here are their 10 rivals:

Joe and Bill “Team Guido” (Season 1; third place) — partners
Kevin and Drew (Season 1; fourth place) — buddies
Ozwald and Danny (Season 2; fourth place) — friends
Teri and Ian (Season 3; second place) — married
John Vito and Jill (Season 3; fifth place) — now ex-lovers
Charla and Mirna (Season 5; sixth place) — cousins
Uchenna and Joyce (Season 7; winners) — husband and wife
Eric Sanchez and Danielle Turner (Season 9; separate teams) — met as Amazing Race opponents
Dustin and Kandice (Season 10; fourth place) — beauty queens
David and Mary (Season 10; sixth place) — cuddly marrieds

It’s a good group, all right. Mostly pretty nice people, I think. But, wait…where are all the parent/kid teams? And the dysfunctional/abusive couples? And the hackey sackers? Who else, PopWatchers, do you think got left out?

addCredit(“The Amazing Race: All-Stars: Robert Voets”)