By Joshua Rich
Updated January 16, 2007 at 12:00 PM EST
Credit: 24: Kelsey McNeal

Consider it a small gift for all the Jack Bauer fans who happened to miss this weekend’s premiere episodes and blew a fuse in their TiVos: Twentieth Century Fox TV released all four hours of 24‘s Season 6 debut on DVD today, less than 24 hours after they were all aired. Yep, for $14.98, you, too, can own a piece of entertainment that you could have seen for free if you hadn’t been so wrapped up in Sacha Baron Cohen’s ode to his Borat costar’s bum on the Golden Globes telecast.

Anyway, the move brings to mind last year’s simultaneous release of Steven Soderbergh’s underrated psychodrama Bubble in theaters and on DVD, and with issues of piracy and plain old viewer finickiness troubling Hollywood suits, this kind of thing could become more common. The Los Angeles Times quoted TCFTV honcho Gary Newman as saying, “Shows today have a relatively short life span. We’ve got to make money while there’s heat on a show.” (Translation: “We need to get all the attention we can milk before American Idol kicks off tonight.”) And he has given devotees an added incentive to run out to Best Buy before the end of the week: The DVD includes 12 minutes of next Monday’s episode. Just in case you can’t wait till then…or if you have a date with Azamat.

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