By Michael Slezak
Updated January 12, 2007 at 12:00 PM EST

How unspeakably awesome is Ugly Betty‘s Becki Newton? Yeah, I know her reaction shots — like that gag-reflex response looking at Betty’s shoes during the Mode Christmas party — are worthy of an Emmy nomination on their own, but did you notice that on last night’s episode, Newton performed double duty as Mode‘s trollop-in-chief Amanda and MYW‘s bespectacled, braces-wearing Ruthie? (Yep, that’s really her; ABC confirmed it to PopWatch.) Seriously, I was howling so hard at Newton’s makeunder, I had to rewind to catch her best line: “My rosacea flares up if the elevator even stops at [Mode‘s] floor.” Of course, that was a distant second to Amanda’s assault with a deadly handbag at episode’s end. LOVE HER! All together now, slow clap. Beck-i! Beck-i! Beck-i!