By Annie Barrett
Updated January 12, 2007 at 12:00 PM EST
The O.C.

Welcome back to PopWatch’s O.C. DeathWatch. You probably think it’s weird that I insist on writing about a failing show every single week. I’m not that sorry. They keep letting me! Look, a bunny!

We reverted somewhat to bizarro world this week. Summer played out her ditz-by-association storyline in reality this time, thanks to the re-return of Holly (pictured, right). I have zero tolerance for Paris Hilton-speak — and my God, those poor handbagged animals, p.s. I don’t even like animals — but I loved one of the blondes’ lines: “Isn’t that so adorable you just want to kill yourself?” Yes, kind of! Finally, a complete sentence out of one of them, and it was hilarious. Also bizarre: Taylor’s douche-y French ex-husband showed up with his bestselling tell-all sex book, because books take only two months to propose, write, market for two different continents and sell. Okay! I believe it!

Eh, it doesn’t really matter at this point. I’m of the opinion thatthis show can and should do whatever the hell it wants. Throwing Tayloron a major French talk show that had no problem setting up shop inNewport Beach was a good start. I sat and chuckled at its mere title —Je Pense — for a good commercial break or so. Nothing associated with Henri-Michel (remember him as the awful blind date on Felicity?)made any sense, but that title was perfect. Unlike Taylor. I’m glad thegirl’s even smarter than we thought, and winsome on TV (I guess?), butshe was a huge bitch to Ryan this episode. This won’t be a popularopinion, but might she be better off in France? She seemed all aboutit.

I was really glad there weren’t too many lame Grey’s Anatomyreferences during Seth’s trip up to see Doc Roberts at Washington Mercyhospital. Just your typical unicorn-impalement scare (ha!) and fourutterances of the word seriously, which was four too many, but kind of inevitable. LovedChe as Summer’s pro-owl conscience, Sandy’s extremely random JerryLewis impression, Kaitlin’s first-name basis with Newport Beach’sfavorite two Recurring Homeless Men, and Kirsten’s smackdown of MadameJulie. I can’t even imagine what they should do with Julie Cooperbefore the end of the series, but it better be something good.Involving chaps. Or, like, motherhood.

What did you think? WHAT’S GOING TO HAPPEN? Don’t pretend you don’t care.