I’ll admit it. And so will you, if you’re woman (or gay man) enough. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with watching a sweet, sappy, adequately-scripted movie that gives a fading (or recently resurrected) celebrity a chance to shine again. (Note: It’s only slightly wrong to watch a marathon of them.)

ABC Family has announced that Mario Lopez (pictured) and Melissa Joan Hart will soon start filming the romantic comedy Holiday in Handcuffs. Melissa plays a waitress/painter who’s so desperate to show her family that she’s part of a couple that she kidnaps a customer (Lopez) and forces him to be her bf. I love it already.

The question: Where will it rank among ABC Family’s past offerings? Could it possibly rival:

I Want to Marry Ryan Banks: Jason Priestley is a bad-boy actor who turns to a Bachelor-like reality show to clean up his image; Alias‘ Bradley Cooper is his manager-best friend who falls for the leading contestant (Buffy‘s Emma Caulfield).

This Time Around: A former ugly duckling (Popular‘s Carly Pope) plots to take down the former most popular guy in high school (Brian Austin Green)… but begins to fall in love with him.

Lucky 7: Kimberly Williams-Paisley is convinced she’ll marry the 7th man she falls in love with, but her alleged Mr. Right (Brad Rowe) is only No. 6. Enter Patrick Dempsey, a bagel shop manager who needs a pretend date for a wedding.

Fess up: what are your favorite ABC Family movies?addCredit(“Mario Lopez: Frazer Harrison/AMA/Getty Images”)