By Annie Barrett
Updated January 11, 2007 at 12:00 PM EST

The rapper-cum(ha!)-actor and America’s original gigolo are trying to steal each other’s safe-sex thunder. See, Fiddy’s going to sell his own line of condoms. They’ll probably cost more than 50 cents, but as’s Gary Susman suggested, “You can puncture them nine times, and they’ll still work.” Meanwhile, Richard Gere spoke at what the New York Post called a “pep rally” of 10,000 sex workers at an AIDS awareness event in Mumbai, India. Wait, so these 10,000 women showed up voluntarily? And they were, like, the cheerleaders? Apparently: Mr. Goodbar got them to chant “No condoms, no sex!”

What? The hell? Don’t get me wrong, safe sex is terrif. But I need a moment to process these reports and figure out which is weirder. And it’s worth asking: Which celeb (and his admonishing finger) do you find a more credible safe-sex advocate?

addCredit(“50 Cent: Johnny Nunez/; Richard Gere: Tony Menicucci/”)