By Amy Ryan
Updated January 10, 2007 at 12:00 PM EST
Yvonne de Carlo: Everrett Collection

Yvonne De Carlo, who died Monday of natural causes at age 84, will be best remembered for a job she took largely for the money. By 1964, her film career (which had consisted largely of exotic-bombshell roles) was drying up, and she had huge medical bills to pay for her husband, stuntman Bob Morgan, who had lost a leg the year before in an accident on the set of How the West Was Won. So she took the kitschy sitcom-mom role that made her immortal, Lily Munster on the 1964-66 series The Munsters.

De Carlo had other indelible roles, too: She played the wife of Charlton Heston’s Moses in The Ten Commandments (1956). In 1971, she originated the role of Carlotta in the Broadway musical Follies, making her the first person to sing Stephen Sondheim’s survival anthem “I’m Still Here.” Still, it’s as sweet, ghoulish Lily (pictured) that she will live on — even now, at this moment, somewhere in syndication, she and her undead family are unwittingly terrorizing some poor passers-by on Mockingbird Lane.

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