By Nicholas Fonseca
Updated January 09, 2007 at 05:00 AM EST

In Made for Each Other, a book purporting to recount the symbiotic history of the Oscars and fashion, you’d expect at least a nod to 1995 Costume Design winner Lizzy Gardiner’s credit-card dress. A former editor at British Vogue, Bronwyn Cosgrave doesn’t even mention the frock. It’s unforgivable. So, too, are her decisions to ignore men’s style, leapfrog over huge spans of time, and rehash 70-plus years of tired gossip. (As somebody reared on Oscar histories, I really didn’t need the umpteenth retelling of Liz Taylor’s 1961 victory lap for BUtterfield 8.) This is a clunky, overwrought mess — kinda like Uma’s 2004 milkmaid getup.