By Gilbert Cruz
Updated January 09, 2007 at 07:38 PM EST

I’m sure very few of you out there (except, of course, for you Canadian Popwatch readers) have access to Canadian Broadcasting Corporation stations, so you won’t be able to catch tonight’s premiere of Little Mosque on the Prairie. Dealing with a small Muslim community living alongside a bunch of small-town folk, the sitcom’s characters — including a Rush Limbaugh-like radio show host and the local minister — seem designed for maximum comedic conflict. Could be a laugh a minute.

Or not. Just looking at the three short clips available, the jokes seem to focus on overly obvious and broad post-9/11 jokes (“What’s the charge? Flying while Muslim?”) and gags about the divide between Muslims and Christians (“I can see your belly button. You look like a Protestant”). And while show creator Zarqa Nawaz says that she wants to show, “That Muslims can be funny and are just like everyone else,” I suspect that the people who she’s trying to reach will never watch a show about Muslims to begin with. Can’t be any worse than Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World, though. Would you watch this show, eh?