By Annie Barrett
January 05, 2007 at 12:00 PM EST

The Los Angeles edition of The Apprentice premieres Sunday night — and FYI: Whitney Pastorek’s TV Watch will also be back. You can watch the first 20 minutes of the premiere on and get to hear Donald Trump shout (even more loudly than usual, I thought, or maybe it’s because I’ve never had the pleasure of listening to Trump via headphones) “I LOVE LA. WHAT’S NOT TO LOVE ABOUT GREAT WEATHER?”

If you manage to sit through the sneak peek, you’ll note that in the interest of lightening things up California-style, Trump is now waaaaay blonder. He’s Surfer Trump. It’s disgusting. I know firsthand that telling people “The sun did it” when they ask why your hair looks lighter is never believable unless you, like, sleep outdoors near the Equator, permanently. It just does not happen. You need to use lemons, or Sun-In, and really fry your scalp. But I’m getting off-topic. I guess it’s Friday.

Will you tune in? Come on, Donald got into it with Rosie just to get back on your radar, and you’re telling me you’re not gonna watch? (Correct.)