By Amy Ryan
January 04, 2007 at 09:13 PM EST

The Screen Actors Guild awards may be just like the Golden Globes — only without all those irritatingly anonymous writers, directors, and producers taking up valuable face time that properly belongs to recognizable movie and TV stars — but give them credit: they’ve correctly picked 17 of the last 24 Best Actor and Best Actress Oscar winners. A couple of nuances worth noting in this year’s SAG nominations, announced this morning: First, there’s the inclusion of Bobby in the Ensemble Cast award (the SAGs’ equivalent of Best Picture) among usual suspects Babel, The Departed, Dreamgirls, and Little Miss Sunshine. Now, no one expects Bobby to repeat that feat at the Oscars, so how did it sneak in here? Perhaps because the SAG members want to congratulate one of their own, Emilio Estevez, not only for stepping up and writing and directing his own movie, but also for creating principal speaking parts for an Altman-sized ensemble of 24 Guild members.

Second, while Leonardo DiCaprio is the most-nominated person on the list (an honor he shares with Steve Carell, who ties DiCaprio with three nods), Leo’s performance in The Departed (pictured) is nominated in the Supporting category, not Lead. What was he in that movie, chopped liver? I don’t see putative leads Matt Damon or Jack Nicholson getting Lead Actor nominations, at the SAGs or anywhere else.

Think this demotion hurts Leo’s Oscar chances? Will you be watching the SAGs on Jan. 28 to find out?addCredit(“The Departed: Andrew Cooper”)