Director del Toro answers your questions about the ''Hellboy'' sequel, whether he's got plans to make a comedy, and more about ''At the Mountains of Madness.'' The final column of a three-part series

By EW Staff
Updated December 31, 2006 at 05:00 AM EST
Hellboy: Everett Collection

Director Guillermo del Toro answers your questions

Greetings from Italy! In the sequel of Hellboy will there be other homages to the world of [the character’s creator Mike] Mignola, as for example Roger’s statue. Perhaps I still don’t know, but who will perform Johan? I esteem a lot you and I adore your films. Please also sends my regards to the great Ron Perlman of which I am a tireless fan! —Laura ”Lilitu” Nardoni
I shall pass your regards to the Pearl. Roger will be in the background like in the first film but there are no other ”homages.” All I can say is Mignola and I plotted this story with a lot more joy than the first one. You don’t have to ”set up” everyone’s origins and such, so writing this is a lot more fun!!

Was wondering if another cameo of you and Mike Mignola is planned for the second Hellboy movie? As most fans know, it was you and Mignola as a knight and dragon in the first Hellboy movie during the scene where Hellboy chases Sammael past some folks dressed up for Halloween. —Otto Pounder
We only made that cameo because the extras doing it were incapable of doing even the simplest actions. I try to avoid cameos out of compassion for audiences.

I saw you at Comic-Con talking about Pan’s and again with Alfonso Cuarón introducing his film Children of Men, and you had me cracking up. [To see some of their chemistry, check out their appearance together in’s Holiday Inspirations video.] I remember some of that wit making its way into Hellboy, but I was wondering if you have plans to do a straight-up comedy in the future. Hell, it could just be an hour and a half of you talking and I’d watch. —Ben Koerselman
Well, Ben, I do try and do some of that in some of the audio commentaries. I try very hard to make them both informative and loose, although if I do a second audio track (Hellboy or The Devil’s Backbone) I go deeper into the sources or literary origins of some of the stuff we do. I think Hellboy‘s tone is comedic. Not slapstick, but light comedy. Some people were thrown by that… Glad you enjoyed it!!

What’s the status of At the Mountains of Madness? H.P. Lovecraft is long overdue for a big-budget adaptation of his work, and if you don’t mind my saying so, you’re the perfect director for the job. —Jason F.C. Clarke
Somebody, quick! Send this Q&A session to the WB production dept NOW!!! Woo-hoo!!!