Don’t all fall over at once, but I’m not going to write about an R&B diva or American Idol finalist who’s toiling in obscurity. (¡!) Not today, anyway. Instead, I’d like to direct you to this live performance of Cake’s “Wheels,” from their 2004 disc Pressure Chief, which has to be one of crazy-catchy-coolest little ditties not to achieve national radio saturation in the last few years. Listen to that kicky guitar riff, the goofy yet poignant lyrics, that potent blast of horns. (Where are the horns in pop music anymore, I ask you.) By the time Cake gets to the overlapping “Wheels keep on spinning ’round, spinning ’round, spinning ’round” and “I don’t know why you say you are not in love with me,” the whole thing is more contagious than a case of Chumbawamba. And in a world that has room for two grody Akon singles and The Fray’s ho-hum “How to Save a Life” in the top 10 — all this week! — I have to say I’m dazed and confused by the non-hit-wonder status of “Wheels.” Can anyone explain that to this befuddled blogger? Thanks in advance.addCredit(“Cake: Annamaria DiSanto/”)