December 28, 2006 at 12:00 PM EST

Dear Margaret Cho,

Not sure if you heard, but Blockbuster took a poll asking customers for their fantasy New Year’s Eve dates; they picked Jessica Alba and Johnny Depp (edging out S-c-a-r-l-e-t-t J-o-h-a-n-s-s-o-n and George Clooney). Now, no offense to any of those cats — Jessica certainly seems like a sweet gal, and Johnny, well, he’s an interesting chap — but you’re the one that I want. Seriously, come hang out with my friends and me on Sunday night. Lord knows, there’s going to be plenty of wine (though a nice German Riesling is always appreciated), and I’m making my legendary crab dip. We can talk about politics and body image and Hollywood gossip and your recent turn on SciFi‘s The Lost Room. (Didn’t you hate the way they kept teasing what was coming up after the commercial break, as if none of us had the attention span to stay tuned?) Oh, and I promise not to break into spontaneous karaoke versions of “Me and Bobby McGee” or “Goldfinger.” Okay, that’s a lie. It’s totally gonna happen. But, still, it’ll be a blast. Regrets only, Margaret, okay?


p.s. I’m not sure who my fellow PopWatchers are going to invite down in the comments section, but seriously, consider yourself taken!

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