December 28, 2006 at 11:15 PM EST

Our latest edition of Guess Who takes its inspiration from a famous Madonna song lyric: “Quien es esa niña, who’s that girl?” Actually, come to think of it, Eurythmics once posed a similar question, as did (!) Hilary Duff. Whether or not any of those tunes strike your fancy, though, is irrelevant. You can still take a long, hard look at this here photo — which had me completely and utterly stumped — and try to answer the question. (Nope, I don’t think our subject starred in a drag act you caught in Palm Springs last February.) Okay, I’m being mean. And as my friend Mitch barked at me earlier today, “You’re supposed to be brimming with good tidings and warm and fuzzy affection this time of year, not spilling your usual venom and foul disposition!” So who is the señorita fina? Send your best guess to Be sure to write ”Guess Who No. 11” in the subject field and include your first and last names in your response. We’ll post the most interesting responses on Tuesday.

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