December 28, 2006 at 04:00 PM EST

She looks like ’60s girl-group icon Ronnie Spector, sings like a gin-soaked ’40s jazz queen, and writes lyrics that could serve as a soundtrack for every unsuspecting subject of A&E’s Intervention. Check out the chart-topping U.K. single “Rehab” from British chanteuse Amy Winehouse.

Her album comes out in the States early next year on Virgin Records, and an NYC show in January sold out in about a minute; plus, she’s already been favored by arbiters of taste like Hot Chip and Ghostface Killah, who’ve both remixed and sampled her work.

Aside from the single’s spicy topic, Winehouse does seem to come from the “moon/soon” school of simple-rhyme songwriting, but the horns, the production — that voice! — have us sold. You too?

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