(EA Games; multiplatform; available July 20)

By EW Staff
Updated December 27, 2006 at 05:00 AM EST
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We rate the ”Catwoman” videogame

YOU PLAY AS… Catwoman, a formerly mousy office worker transformed into a superhero with feline abilities after she’s murdered, then mysteriously resurrected by a cat (!)

GAMING GOAL Uncover the truth about the corrupt corporation behind your murder (hey, who wrote this game — Michael Moore?). And try to shake your tail as much as possible along the way.

VOICE TALENT Halle Berry, using her Oscar-winning skills to deliver such lines as ”I’ll CLAW my way to the top” in a growl that sounds like Christina Aguilera’s ”SNL” impersonation of Kim Catrall.

COOL MOVES Catwoman can climb walls (presenting a memorable butt shimmy along the way), swing from poles, and use her whip as a deadly weapon.

JUST LIKE THE MOVIE? More or less — the game reenacts key moments and battles from the film.

BONUS POINTS The title character is so lusciously rendered that the virtual camera frequently pauses to ogle her digital curves. Can she unseat Lara Croft as the reigning sex symbol of the joystick set? Purrhaps.

LOW POINTS If only the gameplay were as elegant as the game’s star. The control scheme can be counterintuitive (shooting Catwoman’s whip requires a twitch of a joystick rather than the typical button mash), and it’s maddeningly easy to fall from great heights, which means starting a level from scratch.



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  • PG-13
  • 91 minutes
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