Leah Greenblatt dishes on an interesting new study, Cat Power's tour dates, the release (finally!) of ''Chinese Democracy,'' and more

By Leah Greenblatt
December 27, 2006 at 05:00 AM EST

News on Cat Power, Guns N’ Roses, and more

· Back away from the Bubba Sparxxx dub remix, Druggy McDrinkerson: According to a new study from the Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation’s Prevention Research Center, listeners of rap, techno, and reggae, in that descending order, use more alcohol and illicit drugs than those who listen to other types of music. According to the researchers (who surveyed some 1,000 community college students, ages 15-25), hip-hop is most associated with alcohol use, potential alcohol use disorder, illicit drug use, and aggressive behavior. No word on where guys who sit in basement rec rooms watching the Wizard of Oz synched up to Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon on endless repeat fall in the survey…. Perhaps they’re just high on life?

· MySpace, music, blah bliggity blah. Most folks living above ground know by now that the social website is a veritable hub of band and artist networking — but here’s something you may not know: Said artist profiles can actually be yours, for a price (and if the eBay police don’t get to them first). The manager of the MySpace homepage for the massively hyped Brit sensations the Arctic Monkeys recently put the page up for sale on ebay.co.uk; prices were up around 250 British pounds when the auction site’s powers-that-be shut it down (certain items, among them pre-worn underwear and items deemed nontransferable goods, are forbidden under eBay rules). Still, interested buyers can always contact the band’s page directly; we’re not approving, just saying…

· Many believed that actual democracy would come to China before Guns N’ Roses’ Chinese Democracy ever saw the sweet light of day, but things are looking up for the long-suffering: Axl himself recently announced two warm-up shows May 15 and 17 at New York City’s Hammerstein Ballroom, in anticipation of the album’s actual release. You can get your tix for just over $60 (they go on sale April 21), or contemplate taking a serious trip to catch one of the band’s slated European gigs this summer — it looks like these two NYC shows are the only Stateside stops on the schedule.

· Speaking of schedules, Cat Power is finally back on hers. Fans may recall that the mercurial singer-songwriter canceled the entirety of a spring tour slated to follow the release of her recent Matador disc The Greatest. According to her website, dates are set for late April through mid-June in Tucson, Philly, Seattle, Boston, and D.C., among other cities. An infamously unreliable performer, but one worth seeing at, indeed, her greatest.