By Helin Jung
December 27, 2006 at 12:00 PM EST

Now that you’ve finally gotten rid of the taste of glue from your holiday-envelope-sealing marathon, allow me to direct you to an interesting bit of philately news: Although Elvis Presley’s commemorative stamp was released back in 1993, no other has been able to top the 124.1 million Elvises that have made their way into folks’ cherished collections, according to a new US Postal Service survey.

I did a little browsing around and Wiki, and found lists of people who have been on United States postage stamps. Quel shock and dismay! Elmo isn’t on there — and I would lobby for him — big time — since his stamp would no doubt best Elvis’s, by at least a billion. I’d also suggest giving some love to Nina Simone, Mary Pickford, Maya Angelou, and Charles Bukowski (fitting, considering how long he toiled at the P.O.).

PopWatchers, I now pass the envelope to you–which pop-culture figure, either real or fictitious, deserves a stamp? Quick, before the USPS raises the postage rate again!