On ''Gilmore Girls,'' Lorelai and Luke deal with her confession about Christopher; plus, Lane has news from her honeymoon

By Karen Valby
December 27, 2006 at 05:00 AM EST
Lauren Graham: Scott Humbert
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”Gilmore Girls”: Sex and consequences

I could belabor the fact that the tone under the new regime is still off, or nitpick that the pop-culture jokes (and boy, we were drowning in them this week) are falling flat, or waste time reminiscing about the good old days. (Remember that time at the pub when Jess told Logan that he seemed obsessed with length? Oh man, that was awesome.) But I’ve got 19 more TV watches ahead of me, and they can’t all kick off with me moaning about seasons past. So, faithful GG fans, I hereby make a vow to try and get with the new program. Who’s with me? (Or have you all abandoned the cause and flipped over to watch the terrific-sounding Friday Night Lights?)

Now that we’ve got that settled, I’m going to call last night’s show the ”oh, snap!” episode. Because, dang, the surprises kept coming and the plot seriously thickened.

Snap: Luke clocks Christopher in the face. Again, I always was more of a Christopher girl, but there was something supremely satisfying about Luke’s diner fist connecting with Christopher’s clean-shaven jaw.

Snap: With Luke’s diner in disarray, Kirk swoops in to take advantage. He’s got a little hot plate and coffee stand set up on the town square, a backwards ball cap and a flannel shirt, a ”no cell phones” warning and a ”Kirk’s” sign. When Luke busts his chops for copying him, down to naming the restaurant after himself, Kirk wisely tells him to take up the fight with ”Denny, Arby, and Tony Roma.” (Quick aside: A couple years ago, I interviewed the delightful and woefully underused character actor Judy Greer, who told me that her first roommate in Los Angeles was one Sean Gunn and that they remain the dearest of pals. Love it!)

Snap: Lane had sex on her honeymoon with Zack, and now she hates sex. Admittedly, they only did it once in a misguided attempt to re-create the famous scene from From Here to Eternity (for the last time, virgins, water and sex must never be combined! FHTE was just a movie, and that goes double for Wild at Heart.) So while Lane goes on and on about how sucky sex is, Rory keeps trying to convince her that sex is actually a many-splendored thing. I don’t know, something about Rory and sex doesn’t really combine well for me either. Later in the episode, Lane finds out that, Mexican condom be damned, she’s pregnant. Barfy with child after one lousy lay.

Snap: Luke and Lorelai cross paths on the street, and he plays dirty. He claims that he’s not mad about her one-night stand and he’s totally over it and she doesn’t need to say she’s sorry. When she insists that he’s hurt, he goes for a gut punch: ”You’re the one who proposed to me in the first place.” Triple snap. And she totally had it coming. (And Scott Patterson, who’s quickly becoming a show highlight, continues to surprise me with his chops.)

Snap: Lorelai, in a ridiculous effort to cheer Rory up for missing her trip to Asia with Logan, decorates the house in Chinese silk and Hello Kitty and a Sandra Oh poster. Their evening is interrupted by an indiscreet answering-machine message from Christopher, who’s wringing his hands about the other night. Rory explodes, and rips into Lorelai, who explains nobody’s perfect, look at how bad Gwyneth Paltrow looked in brown hair (not that bad, actually). Rory, just to the left of bratty, says Lorelai should have rented An Affair to Remember and stuffed her face into a pint of ice cream. ”But you don’t sleep with Dad!” She kind of has a point.

Snap: Luke and Lorelai bump into each other at, of course, the frozen-foods section of the grocery store, and there is a calm finality to Luke’s words. He’s accepted, or at least appears to have accepted, that they don’t belong together. So she needs to go back to being Lorelai Gilmore, and he’s going to go back to being — sob! — ”the guy in the diner who pours your coffee.” And Lorelai (and here the awesomeness of Lauren Graham was on full display) looked like she had suddenly started to thaw and was about to lose it. The last scene of the show was her crying with Rory on the sofa. And so, proving that GG still packs a punch, I cried too.

What did you think? Are you guys going to stick with the show? Are you okay with Rory talking about sex? Does Luke buy what he’s selling, or is he going to nut up and try to win Lorelai back? And is that weird CW tease with the Aerie girls a onetime travesty or do we have to see them every week?

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