EW reviews the latest in web TV from CBS, Comedy Central and dotcomedy

By Michael Endelman
Updated December 27, 2006 at 05:00 AM EST

Four online comedy shows

The Papdits
This comedy/reality hybrid has a familiar feel: Actors pose as foreigners traveling around America in an ugly vehicle, mocking dupes by exaggerating cultural stereotypes. It’s not quite Sacha Baron Cohen, though; this failed CBS pilot?turned?online offering from Borat co-writer Ant Hines never descends into humiliating cruelty. Hence, The Papdits settles for milder PG-13 laughs. B

The Adventures of Baxter & McGuire
It’s animated, but it sure ain’t family-friendly Pixar. This cartoon buddy comedy follows a pair of, ahem, family jewels (be thankful we spared you the picture). They’re a Felix-and-Oscar duo: Baxter is crude and chews on fat stogies, while McGuire is timid and uptight. Countless double entendres and stomach-churning situations follow. That’s not a complaint. B+

Untitled Comedy News Show
A Daily Show-style news parody with a Web 2.0 twist?all jokes are submitted online by the audience — UCNS is an interesting but flawed attempt at user-generated content. Host (and former Daily Show correspondent) Brian Unger has the deadpan tone down, but the viewer-penned jokes prove once and for all that democracy has a crappy sense of humor. D

Good God
A live-action sitcom set in a cubicle-filled office, this dry series brings deities down to an earthly plane. God (”CEO of the Universe”) is the ineffectual boss who leads a staff of robe-clad angels (such as ”Managing Archangel” Michael) through deeply important discussions, like who exactly is responsible for that unholy stink in the restroom. A-