Here's what the entertainment world will miss about the prolific television producer

By Tori Spelling
December 22, 2006 at 05:00 AM EST

Tori Spelling remembers Aaron Spelling

APRIL 22, 1923-JUNE 23, 2006

I was 5 years old the first time I was on one of his shows — it was Vega$. I remember him running on set after they yelled ”Cut!” and scooping me up in his arms, beaming. He knew the rough road I had in front of me, wanting to be an actress. He always had positive things to say about the business; he told me to ignore the bad things. He’d say, ”Aw, babe” — he always called me babe — ”screw ’em all, babe. You’ll show them.”

On 90210, I saw how he impressed the cast and crew — they loved how they could call him and he’d pick up the phone. People probably think that he just wrote the checks, but he went through every script. He was beyond involved. Yet he was always there for my brother and me.

He was known for ”jiggle TV,” but he was so proud of things like Day One or And the Band Played On. Family was really important to him; 7th Heaven he loved as well. My dad was the best storyteller; he always had a finger on pop culture. With 90210, it was important that everything be really current and true. He’d come home and say, ”I hear the miniskirt’s coming back this season. I want to incorporate that into the show.” I’d just look at him and laugh, but inside I was thinking, I love you! You’re so awesome. (Spelling died of complications from a stroke in L.A.)